Dont Leave Me......

A  song that disappeared in the wind
A poster that wouldn't stick to the wall
I hold the present I failed to give in my arms
 I'm still watching my advancing toes
I don't worry about the rain or the puddles
I'll soon be dry
Until the day that I stop
Like an adventurer, my foot
I'll keep following the roadless road

I stole the passport I yearned for

Through the opening of the door, but it's already useless
Even when I dream of defeating the city and laying down
I only give an empty laugh

στην ομορφη παρεουλα του
που εκλεισε ηδη ενα χρονο!!


2 σχόλια:

Don't leave me είπε...


Aριστο το ποστ κυριε Νο 7!
Εσυ κι ο Σαραβακος.
Χα χα χα χα

Να περνας να σε βλεπουμε,μην χανεσαιιιιιιιιιιι!


*yllenah* SM είπε...